Have you ever walked into a grand ballroom, dressed to the nines, only to have the music abruptly stop and all eyes turn to you? In that moment, you probably wished you could disappear into thin air. Similarly, imagine strolling into a silent office in vibrant casual attire, causing the atmosphere to ignite and gradually fill with energy.


So, how does one choose between uniforms and casual wear?


When thinking of uniforms, images of college students lined up neatly in gym clothes, sporting exquisite ties, or office workers clad in pristine white shirts during rigorous training might come to mind. Blue-collar workers toil under the scorching sun while donning their reliable uniforms. These garments predominantly feature white, blue, or gray hues, but pink and purple have started to make an appearance in recent times. No longer limited to plain patterns, twill and satin, fabric options have expanded to include a variety of dobby weaves.


Conspicuous small regular triangles can be found adorning the sides, adding a touch of charm to the overall design. 

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Lovely full grain

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The twill is perfectly connected




The twill weave is flawlessly intertwined, creating a seamless garment. By skillfully blending colorful threads and fabrics, uniform makers have brought forth garments with vibrant stripes, subtle stripes that appear camouflaged, finely detailed seams, and small folds. In addition, elegant dark floral patterns gently float on the fabric, transforming uniform materials from simple solid colors or basic stripes and checks.

Notable changes have also taken place in the raw materials used for uniform fabrics. In the past, the common materials were TC, CVC, or pure cotton. However, now fabrics are woven with a combination of cotton modal and polyester, or TENCEL and polyester, resulting in a softer and more comfortable touch, as well as improved breathability. These advancements greatly enhance the performance, comfort, and practicality of the fabric.

Unlike other types of clothing, casual shirt fabrics embody a subtle elegance and a calm yet imaginative design. While the fabric itself may seem simple, such as a 2/2 twill, it achieves a broken-down effect through the intricate combination of different raw materials.

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Alternatively, different fabrics are interwoven, lending the garment a slub style. Simple yet fashionable, these shirts are enriched further through vibrant and lively coloring techniques.