First of all try to buy  non cotton clothing  due to cotton inevitably shrinking.

If you really want to buy cotton clothes, please select regular malls or large supermarkets, because the fabric of these clothes are from regular


Before the fabric cutting and sewing, formal factories  pre-shrinks them at a high-temperature machine, therefore,clothes can maintain their original

size in future wear.




Some Tips to Prevent Your Clothes from Shrinking 1





Secondly , please read the clothes care labels before doing the laundry

Do not wash all your clothes in the same way, it’s better to split your laundry into lights and darks.

underwear and coat should be washed separately


Also different compositions different ways, some are not suitable for putting together in the washing machine and blind washing will only damage

the shrinkage.

Generally speaking the shrinkage  rate of hand wash clothes is smaller than that of machine wash

In addition,using fabric softener will reduce the shrinkage rate of clothes

Clothes should not be soaked for too long

Many people are used to washing clothes before soaking them on a period to feel better wash soak is possible, but the time has to be correct, normal 10-15 minutes is enough, clothes soak for a long time not only dirt will be absorbed by the clothing fiber, but also some fiber texture will also become soft, destroy the shrinkage of clothes.


Do not wash at high temperatures

The high temperature of the water cleaning clothes is not in the clothes sterilization but in the destruction of clothes shrinkage, general cleaning clothes temperature control

The temperature of washing clothes is generally controlled at 30 or below.

Some Tips to Prevent Your Clothes from Shrinking 2 

Let professional launderers take good care of them


If your clothes have shrunk a little, don’t worry, you can lay them flat, stretch them in reverse, and use an iron to set them in shape,  that will  return to their previous appearance,  also the problem of shrinkage will be relatively reduced in the future.